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Invest with us!

Embrace the community and help families thrive! Please contact us to learn how you may make an investment through your time & talents. We have immediate needs for funds to purchase emergency food and supplies.


Where does Embrace Loudoun serve?  Communities within Loudoun County, Virginia and surrounding jurisdictions. We also provide consulting assistance nationally.

Who does Embrace Loudoun serve?  Under-resourced “neighbors” who are willing to enter a relationship with a caring advocate and to develop solutions to their problems.  In Loudoun County, VA approx. 45,000 have physical needs, with greater than 12,000 living in poverty.

What needs does Embrace Loudoun meet?   We help neighbors (individuals & families) in crisis by meeting immediate physical, emotional, educational, vocational and spiritual needs and by addressing the underlying causes of these needs so they can achieve longer-term independence.  The needs are addressed through personal relationships between neighbors and advocates.

How are the neighbors identified?  Neighbors are typically referred by a) a congregant of a partnering church, or b) from within a community served by a partnering church.  There is no requirement of being part of a faith community to be served.

Who can serve as advocates?  Advocates are called by God to apply their Christian faith in caring for neighbors. They operate under our caring process guidelines and agree with the essential tenets of the Christian faith defined in our guidelines.

Why would churches or faith based non-profits want to partner with Embrace Loudoun?  They desire to employ an effective caring strategy, and access to training and resources.  They want to promote community awareness of needs, and to increase impact by working with others in common community contexts.

What are examples of partnerships with Embrace Loudoun?  A church, MBC Loudoun has an outreach to the community served by Catoctin Elementary school.  This ministry is called Embrace Catoctin.  Embrace Loudoun acquires physical resources and funds to address needs identified by the Embrace Catoctin ministry. The Embrace Catoctin ministry and the Embrace Loudoun 501c3 faith-based non-profit organization operate independently, but work together to serve this community.  Another example is how Embrace Loudoun partnered with another non-profit, Generosity :: Feeds to distribute food to local churches for their hunger relief ministries.

With whom does Embrace Loudoun partner to mobilize resources?  We network with businesses, faith groups, schools, individuals, non-profit organizations, and social services agencies who maintain their unique identities, but strive for a collaborative spirit for expanded impact.

How does Embrace Loudoun support advocates as they serve neighbors?  We train them to be effective; we participate in solving problems; we connect them to resources; and we help them navigate social services and governmental processes.

As an individual, how do I get involved?  You may volunteer your time as an Advocate, offer your expertise or skills to a neighbor, or serve in a support role within Embrace Loudoun.  You may also donate physical items or money.  As a 501c3 faith based non-profit, all donations to Embrace Loudoun are tax deductible.