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Invest with us!

Embrace the community and help families thrive! Please contact us to learn how you may make an investment through your time & talents. We have immediate needs for funds to purchase emergency food and supplies.

Embracing Generosity for Our Neighbors

 If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.

Isaiah 58:10 NIV

Friends of Embrace:

I want to rally your energy, passion, and resources around a BIG idea that God may be calling us to do together.

We want to see our community become a place where caring neighbors help everyone thrive! 

We believe that God has showed us how to accomplish this vision and that He will amply provide the resources we need.  Our main opportunity is to activate a collaboration of stakeholders within the community and to mobilize the unleashing of God’s resources to accomplish His work (Phil. 4:19).

  • What am I offering?   I am inviting you to discover what may be a new sense of calling, one that was always there, but may be lying dormant (Eph. 2:10).
  • What benefit can you expect?  You will find a deeper sense of meaning and fellowship by being part of a ‘holy collaboration’ to change the lives of under resourced people in our community (Rom. 15:13).
  • What am I asking you to do right now?  Join others who are stepping out in faith to discover roles God wants each of us to play through the time, talents and treasures He has entrusted to our stewardship (Eph. 4:16).

Your generosity is about what God wants for you, not what Embrace Loudoun or God wants from you.  God wants nothing less than for you to join His mission.  Embrace Loudoun is offering an opportunity for you to be part of His work right here at home.  Please contact me directly to explore serving opportunities.

If you are led to make a much needed investment in the Embracing Our Neighbors campaign, please click the ‘Donate’ button above right. Your donation will provide emergency assistance to families in need.  As always, we will maintain caring connections with these neighbors to not only provide a ‘handout’, but a ‘hands up’!

Please continue reading about Embrace Loudoun below!

  • Embrace addresses a big problem in our community
  • Embrace understands the roots of poverty
  • Embrace has a solution involving YOU & the entire community
  • Embrace provides a unique partnership umbrella

I am grateful for your prayerful consideration of joining with us by serving in person or through a tax deductible investment in our community.


Embrace Loudoun is a faith based 501c3 non-profit organization.

Embrace addresses a big problem in our community

We have neighbors who are struggling to thrive and lack hope for a better future. 

Approximately 14% of us don’t have enough money to pay the bills, and are frequently facing food, housing and medical care insecurities.  How can this be in the midst of Loudoun County prosperity where median family annual income is $120,000?  Why haven’t the myriad of government and privately sponsored social programs rectified the problems?

Poverty is particularly widespread and severe in single mother families where there is little margin to endure crises.  According to recently released Census Bureau reports, single mother families have a poverty rate of 42.2% (living under $23,050 annual income for a family of 4). Furthermore, 40% of all babies born in the United States in 2011 were born to unmarried mothers.  The majority of poor children are in single mother families.  Child poverty is linked to a host of social pathologies and shocking outcomes including joblessness, crime and ill health.  In short, we have a fractured family population that is contributing to disastrous consequences that will harm generations to come.

Embrace understands the roots of poverty

We contend that simply dispensing ‘handouts’ of physical assistance (food, money, medicine, housing, etc.) aimed at the symptoms of poverty often unintentionally results in these same needs persisting.  The reason is that the root causes of poverty remain unaddressed – broken relationships, fractured and dysfunctional family structures.  Further, the way social systems are designed, often forces choices that are counter productive in rising out of poverty.

We believe Christ must be at the center of poverty alleviation and that the Church is uniquely positioned to provide leadership in making personal caring connections…

  • To help people restore relationships – moving people toward right relationships with God, self, others, and the rest of creation.
  • To help equip people for life – re-aligning priorities and making better decisions.

Poor people typically talk in terms of shame, inferiority, powerlessness, humiliation, fear, hopelessness, depression, social isolation, and voicelessness.  While meeting immediate physical needs is important in the short-term, a highly relational advocate provides a ‘hands up’ towards empowerment and building capacities to thrive.

Embrace has a solution involving YOU & the entire community

We are committed to investing our time and resources in something that will grow and bring life, rather than becoming mired down in programs responding to ongoing physical needs.  We are unabashedly committed to relationships between neighbors and ‘servant advocates’ or life coaches as the means to help people restore relationships, act into new ways of thinking and develop new skills for navigating life.

As individuals:  We must adopt generosity as a lifestyle, a lifestyle in which we share all that we have – our time, talents and treasures – as we demonstrate God’s love and respond to God’s grace.  As followers of Christ, we must seek to imitate the one who gave Himself for us (1 Thess. 1:6; 2:14). This may be as an advocate to guide a neighbor, as a servant meeting a need or as a donor of physical or financial resources.

As a community:  This is our collective responsibility!  The problem is too big for any single church.  We are ‘better together’ in achieving God inspired objectives.  So what does this look like?

Embrace Loudoun humbly and faithfully facilitates partnerships between churches, schools, businesses, individuals, non-profits and government to:

  • Mobilize the collective resources of the community in relief of crises, to support rehabilitation and to encourage development of longer-term independence.
  • Establish one-on-one, life coaching relationships to address the root causes of physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs.

Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.  Hebrews 10:24

Embrace provides a unique partnership umbrella

To attain our vision, we create a network of churches, schools, businesses, individuals, non-profits and government who maintain their unique identities, but strive to work together in a collaborative spirit for expanded impact. Embrace Loudoun supports this collaboration by providing:

  • A common framework for making effective caring connections.
  • Training and resources to help partners develop:
  1. Advocates (life coaching & mentoring neighbors in need)
  2. Social entrepreneurs (triage of situations & develop solutions)
  3. Mobilizers (bring knowledge-base and access to resources)
  • A forum for sharing lessons-learned between partners.
  • A conduit for tax exempt acquisition of resources.
  • Facilitation of common initiatives and events on behalf of collaborating groups.
  • Coordination of collaborating groups working shoulder-to-shoulder within common community contexts.
  • Promotion of community awareness of needs and celebration of successes together.

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